20130722 One Day Without Leeteuk


“Cher leader, dis ! quand reviendras-tu ?

On se perd sans s’être vu,
On se voit et on se perd.
On se voit à peine,
On s’est à peine vu,
On ne sait plus,
On ne sait plus.

On se perd à peine vu.
A peine vu, on se perd.
A peine perdu, on se voit.

On ne se perd plus.

12 novembre 2008 Poème de Dominique Cagnard : Se perdre – Hommage à Jean Tardieu”


“Dear leader, tell us ! when will you come back ?

We get lost without seeing each other,
We see each other and we get lost.
We barely see each other,
We barely saw each other,
We do not know,
We do not know.

We get lost just after barely saw each other.
Hardly seen, we get lost.
Just lost, we see each other.

We no longer get lost.

November 12th, 2008 Poem by Dominique Cagnard: Getting lost – Tribute to Jean Tardieu

Comeback D-370

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